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Mobile Version of IHSLA Website Now Available
Smartphone users now have the opportunity to view the IHSLA website in a small-screen format. Click on the "Mobile Pages" link above the left menu to get there. The mobile version has an abbreviated menu and no advertising. However, it does provide the user the capability of updating game scores right from their phone.

Team Pages Now Includes Scheduler's Contact Info
Registered users may now supply the name and phone number of their scheduler on their team info pages. Many coaches requested this feature to make it easier to communicate with an opponent's administrative staff when scheduling games. To maintain privacy, the phone number may only be viewed by other registered users and is not visible to the public.

Coaches Agree To Seed Playoffs Using Power Rankings
During the September 12, 2012 IHSLA coaches meeting, the coaches overwhelmingly agreed to use the IHSLA power rankings to seed the playoff tournament. There will no longer be a coach's poll or voting mechanism to seed the tournament. The IHSLA power rankings are based on goal differentials in games against IHSLA opponents. The rankings adjust automatically to strength of schedule. The rating points are automatically adjusted to limit goal differentials to 10 points to prevent coaches from 'running up the score' just to move ahead in the rankings.

Coaches Agree To Online Voting
During the September 12, 2012 IHSLA coaches meeting, the coaches overwhelmingly agreed to participate in online voting for All-State, All-American, Coach-of-the-Year, Assistant Coach-of-the-Year, and Person-of-the-Year. The online voting modules will be programmed this winter and tested in the early spring.