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2015 State Champions
New Trier

2015 Lacrosse Cup Champions
Warren Township
The IHSLA will sponsor two post-season playoff series, one for A-Class to define the Illinois State High School Champions and one for B-Class for the Lacrosse Cup.
Both IHSLA series will be a single-elimination seeded 32-team tournament. Depending on the number of teams participating in the series, some lower-seeded teams may have to participate in a play-in game to enter the 32-team bracket. The 2016 Lacrosse Cup and the 2016 State Championship playoff series seedings will be determined by the IHSLA power ratings from the regular season games. Pairings will be posted on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Playoff games will start on Monday, May 23, 2016. All playoff games other than the Championship games will be played at the home field of the highest seeded team.
  A-Class State Championship Playoff Bracket
  B-Class Lacrosse Cup Playoff Bracket
Championship Games
The Finals of both the State Championship and the Lacrosse Cup will be played at Montini Catholic High School on Saturday, June 4, 2016. The Lacrosse Cup will be played at 10:00AM, the State Championship Game will be played at 2:00PM.
All-Star Games
The IHSLA also sponsors an A-Class and B-Class All-Star game for seniors at the end of each season. Each IHSLA team is given a number of roster spots based on their playoff seeding position and the coaches will select seniors from their teams to represent their school. It is always a great time to watch the outgoing seniors exercise their lacrosse skills one last time as high-schoolers.
The 2016 All-Star game will be played on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at Benedictine University. The B-Class All-Star game will begin at 5:30PM, the A-Class All-Star game will begin at 8:00PM.
Players should be on the field one hour and fifteen minutes before gametime to meet their coaches and teammates. Players will be provided shorts and jerseys for the game (keep the shorts, return the jerseys).
Field passes and media passes are not required for the All-Star game.
Volunteers will be needed to coordinate gameday activities. Details forthcoming.
  All-Star Game Rosters
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