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   This website is a 100% volunteer effort

The website was developed after the 2007 spring season and  went live in March, 2008 in an attempt to provide a focal point for the growing needs of the IHSLA. The original concept design and direction were provided by Drew Stevenson, head coach of the St. Ignatius lacrosse team.

Our Volunteers

Jamie Considine is the original website author and is the current website administrator and software developer. He writes website code, coordinates hosting, responds to inquiries and manages the backoffice database. Jamie is Vice President of Operations for Switchcraft, a Chicago-based electronics manufacturer. He has a son and daughter who played lacrosse at St. Ignatius.


Many of the features incorporated in this website are improvements suggested by the community of coaches, parents and volunteers from the IHSLA member schools. We value the feedback and are interested in continuing to improve this website to meet the needs of the IHSLA family.

Below are the changes made to the site and a running log of requests that are under construction. Please do not hesitate to make feature requests or ask us questions about the status of some of the pending changes. Contact Us 

Changes Implemented
Req DateImpl DateRequestStatusComment
9/21/20132/2/2014Online contact list for coaches, AD, others with privacy protection.ImplementedContact informaiton now available online. Registered users may edit information and determine which information is displayed to the public.
9/17/20121/1/2013Online voting for all-conference, all-stateImplementedOnline voting available to all registered users for all-conference and all-state
9/17/20121/1/2013Registration for playoffsImplementedAll team can now register for playoffs. Registered users are notified of their team's registration status upon login.
9/17/201210/12/2012Scheduling contact information for coaches available on siteImplementedContact information for schedulers available online to registered users
5/1/20095/1/2009Include power rankings with standingsImplementedPower rankings made according to LaxPower rules
3/1/20081/23/2009Include non-IHSLA games in scheduleImplementedNon-IHSLA games annotated in description field
3/18/20081/23/2009Include playoff schedules on game calendarImplementedPlayoff games are annotated in descripion field and display in place of teams
3/1/200812/15/2008All-Star/All-Conference listings in AwardsImplementedAwards listings available for current year and archive years since 1990
4/5/200810/23/2008Game schedule update history by date and userImplementedAutomatic updating of record by username. Subsequent users may see when last edit was and by whom.
4/5/200810/23/2008Delete a player from roster or obsolete player from rosterImplementedDelete player from master/detail editing page
1/21/200810/23/2008Security change to prevent editing of another club's team info, rosters, stats, news itemsImplementedTri-level security implemented. Coaches can only edit their own team data.
3/18/20088/1/2008Improved roster editing tool with roster and detail record on same pageImplementedRoster editing occurs in master/detail sections on same page
4/10/20084/10/2008Added cancellations to home pageImplemented 
4/5/20084/5/2008Added evaluation code to games.aspx and team_details.aspx to remove edit icons from games records when status is defined as "Cancelled", "Postponed", "Rescheduled" or "Tentative". Also removed these choices from coach's status dropdownlist to prevent accidental change of game status. ImplementedImplemented after a game was cancelled on IHSLA website without notification to Lacrosse America or GLLOA.
3/11/20083/11/2008Created directions.shtmlImplementedMany club websites still had link to Direction.shtml. Redirected to internal page.
3/8/20083/8/2008Added LSM to the list of player positionsImplemented 
3/6/20083/6/2008Changed registration screens to clearly indicate rights assignment proceduresImplemented 

Changes Pending
Req DateRequestComment
1/18/2012Gallery for players in college 
9/21/2013Online award candidate submissionIn progress...