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The following changes have been made to the website for the 2009 season.

Change  Prior to 2009 Changes  After 2009 Changes 
Login procedures changed   To access edting (protected) pages, registered users would click an editing icon   in the public areas. This action would bring them to the login page, then to the protected page upon successful login.   To access editing (protected) pages, registered users will login first, then they will be presented with a customized menu based on their authorization level. These custom menu items will allow them to access the protected pages for updating scores, changing rosters, adding stats, posting news items, and editing team information.  
Username and Password recovery procedures simplified   Username recovery was not available. Password recovery was not available. Passwords could be reset to a random string, but they could not be recovered in their original form.   Forgotten usernames can be recovered online by entering the registered email address. Forgotten passwords may be recovered online by providing the username, then the forgotten password is emailed to the user.
No more multiple accounts No limit to the number of login accounts for a given email address Only one login account will be issued to a specified email address. Coaches, if they wish, may have multiple accounts using different email addresses, but the simplified methods of recovering usernames and passwords should make this unnecessary.
Registration process simplified   Registrant would supply information then wait for website administrator to assign privileges   Registrant will immediately be assigned privileges if he/she is on the IHSLA contact list.  
Account information available   No account information available   An account information page is available to logged in users which displays relevant data about their account usage. It also contains links to make changes to key account details such as email address, passwords, and team associations.  
Secure Editing   Trust-based methods of editing. All registered users had access to all editable information.   Registered users are now associated with a specific team when they are assigned editing rights. Once assigned, users will only have access to their own team information.  
Password selection security relaxed   Passwords were required to be at least 7 characters long and contain at least one non-alphanumeric character (?,_,/,;)   Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and have at least one digit and one alphabetic character. No non-alphanumeric characters are required.  
Home Field lists implemented
Each field in the IHSLA database was established as a home field for one of the IHSLA teams. This created problems where there were shared home fields. Fields are now independent of teams and each team chooses their home fields from a list. Coaches are expected to manage their home field list from the new customized menu item "Home Fields". Coaches may only modify directions to fields that are in their home field list.
Stats expanded   Cumulative stats for varsity only   Cumulative stats for Varsity, JV and Frosh  
Game recaps
No game recaps available   Game recaps may now be entered by either coach of the game (the winning coach should have priority). The game recaps are made available to the public through the game schedule and through special RSS feeds.  
Roster editing simplified   Roster editing was a tedius task with player names and details on separate pages.   Roster editing now occurs on a master/detail page. The list of players is on the left, their detail pops up on the right panel of the page when their name is selected from the list. This change should make it easier for coaches and/or administrators to update stats.  
Jobs board implemented
No jobs board   Publicly available jobs board now exists that allows non-registered users to post jobs.  
Camps board implemented
Camps board available at end of 2008 season, but only could be updated by website administrator.   Publicly available camps board now exists that allows non-registered users to post camps.