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Player and team statistics recordkeeping are not required for IHSLA high school boys lacrosse. As such, the player stats listed on this site are not necessarily complete. Some schools choose to record statistics and are diligent at updating them, others do not record stats during the games and do not supply information. There are some teams whose coaches choose not to publish their player stats for privacy and/or competitive reasons. The goal of is to provide an infrastructure where coaches can make their stats public if they so choose.

Over the course of the four-year history of this site, there has been about a 35% stats participation rate by the schools in the IHSLA. This fact, of course, means that two-thirds of the schools are not publishing their stats. Generally, those teams who do post stats tend to do so diligently.

While the player stats displayed on this site may be incomplete, the data which is posted is considered to be accurate. Only registered administration account holders have access to the statistics engine to make updates. The stats are supplied through a channel made up of coaches, assistant coaches, and/or trusted members of the team organizations. These users are vetted through the authorization process and are considered to be reliable sources of team and player statistics.

The players stats on this site represent accumulated season totals in each category. The frequency of updates is not defined. Each player record is updated individually by the teams and is displayed on this site in real time. At this time, the stats database is not programmed to record a timestamp when the player record is updated. Therefore, the stats which are displayed may represent different time periods and number of games played. Some player records might have been updated today and some may have been posted over a month ago. The programmers at are working to improve the stats feature so that the public can properly assess the accuracy and age of the stats records.

While the data presented is considered to be accurate, statistics recording during games is a notoriously flawed process and is not necessarily conducted by experienced professionals. Records of assists and ground balls are subject to the judgement of the statskeeper, so there may be variation from team to team on the accuracy of the counts. All teams which record stats are told to use the NCAA rules for recording statistics  for consistency. The data presented on this site is supplied by the teams and represents their best attempt to provide reliable information collected under the designated guidelines.

Archiving of stats is done once per year in October, and the top 10 player records for each statistics category are stored for historical purposes. Archived stats are generated from the same incomplete list of stats displayed during the season, so they do not represent a valid basis for determining recordbreaking performances. At this time, the IHSLA does not keep a recordbook for player or team performances.

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