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Officials are recruited and trained through the Great Lakes Lacrosse Officials Association. GLLOA is the premier organization for lacrosse officiating in Illinois. Their website is very informative and useful.

Officials are hired and scheduled through the Illinois Lax Referees Association and the Rock Valley Officials Association. Teams in the IHSLA must contract with one of these assignor organizations to obtain officials for their games.

Referee Signals (printable)

Lacrosse Rules

IHSLA lacrosse play abides by the rules of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and is sanctioned by US Lacrosse. The complete guide to NFHS rules, online rule book ordering, and NCAA/NFHS rule differences can be found here. The IHSLA will not be following the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Rules as in previous years, but it will be using the NCAA Field Layout dimensions.

Sports Policies and Participation

Eligibility, season limitations, and sports policies are regulated by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). Emerging sports, such as lacrosse, must still abide by IHSA rules, even if lacrosse is not considered a varsity sport at the school. Below are some sections of the IHSA policies and by-laws which are particularly relevant to lacrosse:

Policy Section 17: IHSA Emerging Sports Policy
By-law 5.650: Lacrosse season limitations
By-law 2.090 Illustration 61: Scrimmage as contest
By-law 3.054 Illustration 125.1: Practicing/participating with another high school
By-law 3.070: Recruitment of athletes

Position on NCAA stick changes:
The National Federation of High Schools originally voted not to implement the stick dimension changes adopted by the NCAA for the 2010 season. They reviewed the decision in their July, 2009 annual rules committee meeting and confirmed their decision not to implement. The 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 rules changes did not seek to change the crosse dimensions to match the NCAA requirements.