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We love photos! All of our images have been donated by fans or professionals who want to share their lacrosse experiences with the rest of the IHSLA community.

The IHSLA website supports a SmugMug site  where users can upload their photos. Whenever a new gallery is added to the account, it automatically appears as a link on the home page for our users to view. To get and access authorization and instructions for uploading, please contact us, or communicate directly with our imaging volunteer at

Periodically, a IHSLA volunteer will select interesting pictures from our contributor's galleries, crop them square, and put them into a special gallery to be used in our home page feature photo rotation. The home page gets about 10,000 views per day, so selected pictures are sure to get quite a bit of attention.

The SmugMug gallery allows any viewer to buy prints, merchandise, or make links to the gallery for the world to see. Revenue from purchases goes to SmugMug, not to the contributors or to the IHSLA, to help keep our SmugMug account costs reasonable.

Many of our contributors upload full resolution pictures. However, some contributors want to protect their images from duplication, so they upload only low resolution pictures and leave viewers links to another proprietary website to purchase the high-res versions. Either way is OK with us. We just want to share the best pictures from Illinois high school lacrosse with the rest of the community.

The IHSLA reserves the right to remove pictures it deems to be offensive or inappropriate. We respectfully request that users upload pictures that promote the game of lacrosse by displaying skill, strength, excitement, teamwork, comraderie, leadership and moral development. We will exercise our rights as owner of the SmugMug account to remove any pictures that depict the game as violent or abusive. Please, don't upload any pictures of big hits, penalties, injuries, or inappropriate behavior.