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Sam Story Selected as Assistant Coach of the Year
Sam Story, the defensive assistant coach for the Saint Viator Lions, was voted Assistant Coach of the Year by the IHSLA coaches. Coach Story was nominated for his significant contributions to the rise of the Saint Viator program over the last four years, for his dedication to the school and to his players, and for his tireless game preparations. He is a great ambassador for Illinois lacrosse when he attends coaching clinics and conferences, and he embodies a passion for the game while working with youths and as a lacrosse skills trainer in the off-season.

Sam Story has been instrumental in the steady improvements in the Saint Viator lacrosse program over the course of four years. This year, Coach Story led the Lions defense to a 5.5 goals-against-per-game for their top 8 opponents, a phenomenal feat considering the offensive power of these teams. The majority of the Lions' defensive minutes are played by juniors and sophomores, which makes the statistics more impressive and makes a bigger statement about Coach Story's impact. In addition to running the defense, Coach Story is incredibly dedicated to preparations for the entire team. He spends countless hours traveling to watch opponents to observe schemes and knowing their personnel. Sam's unique approach to practice planning has helped all of the Lions players become better all-around lacrosse players, not just the defense. He seeks out information from coaches far and wide, attends multiple clinics/conferences each year and is a great ambassador for the game in Illinois. He has developed many youth players in the area and he is now extending his impact to the girls game by offering lacrosse skills training in the off-season.

Saint Viator Head Coach Bill Sanford says the following about Sam. "Coach Story has an incredible passion for our game and has made himself an invaluable asset to our program and school. Without Coach Story, it is hard to imagine this year's team getting to the point we have thus far."

Please join the IHSLA in recognizing Coach Sam Story for his accomplishments and for earning Assistant Coach of the Year.
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